Plastic-free Dingle

Reducing Dingle's plastic footprint

Casualties of Convenience

A photo exhibition on the perils of plastic pollution

Dingle Food Festival 2017

Reusable bamboo tableware and rinse stations

Dingle Cupán – reusable coffee cup for Dingle Town

Campaign launch at the Féile na Bealtaine 2018 at the street parade

reducing Dingle's plastic footprint

The Dingle town is to become the testing ground for an ambitious zero waste plan, the first of its kind in Ireland.

Watching the plastic debris piling up on our beaches, we decided to take steps to reduce the town’s plastic footprint. 

Those steps included:
Becoming the Casualties of Convenience: a dramatic photo exhibition at Féile na Bealtaine in 2017 in which we put ourselves in the position of suffering marine animals and posed naked as victims of plastic pollution. 

Making the Food Festival waste free: With funding from Kerry County Council, we bought reusable bamboo containers and built rinse stations so folks could wash them.  We also manned recycling stations around town for the duration of the festival, educating people on waste. 

Our current project is  launching the Dingle Cupán, a collectable reusable cup made of recycled coffee grounds.

The town’s plastic-free campaign was endorsed by actor Jeremy Irons who, following a local screening of his film Trashed in May 2017 told the group: ‘’It is in local efforts like this one, and in individual efforts like refusing disposable packaging in shops, that we make the difference and solve this crisis.’’ ‘’This is one of the most beautiful green country’s in the world, we should be leading the way on waste reduction measures,’’ he added.  

The campaign was also supported by founder of the global zero waste movement US scientist Professor Paul Connett who visited Dingle in June 2017 and reported that Ireland lags way behind Europe in its waste policies.